Hard Drive Cloning Software Buying Guide

For every Mac user, it is vitally important that you use good backups. Whether you use Apple Time Machine, online backup services or send your data to a cloud service, it is essential that your drive is backed up so that in case of any accident, you do not lose your precious data.

An online backup provider, for instance, the CrashPlan is an effective tool in case you are in need of a secure offsite backup without moving your drive physically. Other tools such as the Apple’s Time Machine will help you store all your files in different versions to an Airport Time Capsule or an external drive.

The Best App for Mac Drive Clone

Once a data loss disaster strikes, you will most probably have to wait for long hours for the common data recovery processes to complete. If you are using a cloud or online backup, you must have a very fast internet connection otherwise the process will be slow.

Cloning your Mac hard drive is, therefore, your solution for immediate data recovery. Stellar Drive Clone is the recommended app for cloning your drive. The application copies the data in your drive and it will offer you immediate recovery in case of an emergency.

Significance of Cloning Your Mac Hard Drive

The most significant advantage of cloning your Mac drive is that it saves time through immediate recovery. You will also get a secure backup which will easily work in case your drive fails to boot. Relying on the Time Machine backup may not be as efficient especially when your hard drive crashes.

This is because one will need a start disk containing an OS for Mac to assist in rebooting your computer. If your hard drive dies, then you will be required to purchase another one and then install a new operating system before restoring your precious data. A lot of time and money will have to be spent and this shows that the Time Machine backup may be inefficient leaving you with the better alternative which is cloning the drive.

Qualities of an Effective Cloning Mac Drive Clone App

Reliable: If you are to select a backup plan, make sure that it is reliable. A good Mac cloning Application is one that can quickly extract huge amounts of data, create an exact copy of your drive and even ensure efficient recovery of your data. It should have the capability to create an exact replica of your drive and even clone a drive that has been formatted with Master Boot Recorder.

Easy to Use: For simplicity, an efficient cloning tool should be easy to use, therefore not requiring much expertise or comprehension. It should be software that even a person who is not experienced with the Mac OS can use.

Compatible: For software to function on your computer, it has to be compatible with its features. A good cloning app should be compatible with common versions of OS.

Secure: Your Mac is prone to malware and viruses and it’s thus essential to ensure that any app you are using is secure and may not in any way harm your data. The existence of adware within the programs running on your Mac could cause it to slow down making common easy tasks take a long time and you should thus be cautious to learn about a program before installing it.

Stellar Drive Clone qualifies on all the qualities needed for an efficient cloning app. The tool is highly reliable and it’s very simple to use once you have it on your Mac. Again, it is powerful in that it can operate in most of the existing OSs and also supports cloning of an exFAT-formatted drive and a Macintosh HD.

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