Free Full Disk Encryption Program Review

When extra security is needed to keep your files and data safe using full disk encryption software will keep all of the information safe. Full disk encryption software has the ability to protect not only your hard drive but can protect the information on external hard drives and flash drives.

Windows and Mac operating system users have the choice of using built-in data encryption software programs. BitLocker is a full disk encryption software program that is included with Windows Vista and later versions of Windows. BitLocker was created to protect information by providing encryption for entire volumes.

The original data encryption software FileVault for the Mac operating system was created to back up the home directory and has had its share of limitations the newer version has more options. For users who don’t want to use BitLocker or FileVault, the following full disk encryption freeware software may be an option.


TrueCrypt is powerful and flexible data encryption software that offers many benefits. TrueCrypt is perfect for, on the fly encryption, it can encrypt the entire storage device or partitions, and create virtual encrypted disks within a file. One of the benefits of using TrueCrypt is that the system volume can be encrypted in the background while a user continues to work on their computer on other activities.

It is important to note that although there is a downloadable version of TrueCrypt for use. The creators of TrueCrypt have discontinued work on the software and no new versions will be forthcoming.


DiskCryptor is full disk encryption software that was created for Microsoft Windows and allows the user to encrypt the entire hard drive of a computer or just individual partitions. Password protection can be use and key files can be added for additional security. The keyfile o file that contains encryption or license key is required when decrypting or mounting a volume.

Decryption of an entire volume is not needed to access files. The files and data can be accessed and modified while the drive is mounted. The drive can be dismounted in seconds until the keyfile or password is entered and the data can be accessed once again. DiskCrypter can encrypt several volumes at once and can even encrypt CD’s and DVD’s using the ISO image.

DiskCrypter has failed authentication during boot if you choose to use a keyfile and the user will not be able to log into Windows. DiskCrypter is supported up to Windows 10.

COMODO Disk Encryption

COMODO Disk Encryption can encrypt the system drive and any attached drive. Users can configure authentication of both using USB and password. External devices must be plugged in before authentication can occur. One password must be used for all drives. Changing the authentication method will affect all of the drives in the same manner.

Users must keep in mind that updates to COMODO Disk Encryption have been discontinued and no future updates are expected. COMODO DISK Encryption supports Windows 2000 and newer versions.

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