Drill Bits And Which One is Right For Your Job?

A year ago I couldn’t have told you what a drill bit was. Let alone a drill.

I started this journey when my oldest son moved out. The next oldest couldn’t push him out the door quick enough. Why? It meant that he got his own room.

What comes with a space to call your own, also comes with a renovation to give it your own personality. We could get away with the hand me down clothes, bikes, football equipment, but you can’t hand me down personalities.

So what does a Mom do? I decided since I can’t get away with keeping the bedroom the way it was, and I can’t afford to hire this guy and that to renovate a space for the next kid, I came to the conclusion it was time to get my hands dirty.

That is when I learned about drill bits, among many other things like what tools do I need? what do you use for this? For that? Drill bits seemed to be for me the most confusing. Did you know there are thousands of them?

I am about to make your life way easier then mine was, and save you from a ton of do overs, therefore saving you some cash.

I am going to introduce you to three drill bits that you cannot live without when it comes to renovating any space in your home. You are gonna go to the hardware store and feel great knowing that you know exactly what you are looking that in that isle of endless little drill bits that seem to go on forever.

Here are three drill bits you can use all over the house in many DIY projects.

Step Bit

It looks like: Simply put a cone.

It’s use: To drill various size holes without having to change the drill bit.

What to use it on: Laminates, particle board, plastics, drywall, sheet metal, and soft woods.

What I used it for: I decided to give the walls a new look using wood paneling, so I used this bit to drill holes to run cords like the cable coming from the wall. I also used it to drill holes in the trim work so I could hide loose cables from the games systems, blue ray and TV.

Pilot Drill Bit

It looks like: A straight spiral with a point on the end. A pilot drill bit comes in various sizes. (imagine a spiral staircase)

It’s use: This is a have to have drill bit. I suggest buying a set of these. They come in various sizes. They are used to start holes for screws and nails (fastners) and to make holes for screws and nails.

What to use it on: You can use these in just about any material. Just be aware that if used in plastic if you drill to fast it could melt the plastic.

What I used it for: What didn’t I use it for? Any where I needed to put a nail a screw a hinge, I used this bit. Either as a starting hole or I would drill the whole through. It was great for the paneling to keep it from splitting. I have also used it since to make various coat racks and cute organizational wall pieces for my home. by far my favorite set of drill bits.

Last but not least… A cordless drill with a right bit would make your DIY tasks much easier. Read our review for the bestcordless drill and driver for the money.

Hole Saw Drill Bits

It look like: A circle with lots of tiny sharp teeth.

It’s use: This bit is used to drill large holes

What to use it on: Drywall, wood, soft metals

What I used it on: I used it to make holes for locks in the door and a new door knob. (every teenager needs a lock on their door, trust me)I also used it to drill new holes in the ceiling for a new light fixture.

Now go be confident in knowing what drill bit to choose and happy renovating!

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