Contact Lenses FAQ

Many people find it fascinating to use contact lenses because of the fashion taste that people strive for. This makes some eyeglass wearers think that contact lenses are the best. Unluckily, contact lenses are usually designed for people with a specific eye problem and therefore, not everyone can just put them on for fun. Below are some of the reasons why we cannot just wear contact glasses;

  • When you have certain health conditions, for instance, the dry eye syndrome or when the shape of your eye just doesn’t allow you to use contact lenses.
  • In case you are a nearsighted, contact lenses will not provide you with contact lenses that have a power that is strong enough to correct your vision.
  • Some people are sensitive to the disinfecting solutions besides the contact lens.

When you experience dry eye syndrome, it means smaller amount tears are produced by the tear glands. However much the contact lenses can be
designed to help you out with the problem, it is not a solution enough for you to wear them contentedly. Nonetheless, alternatives are always there to help your eyes produce tears, but unfortunately, you will still not be in a position of using contact lenses due to the health condition.

In case you always experience severe nearsightedness, you will always find difficulties in using contact lenses. This is because contact lenses do not possess enough power that will help you in correcting your vision.

Usually, contact lenses can only correct your vision to a certain degree. Meaning, the contact lenses can only reach a given level and beyond that level, they cannot rectify other eye problems and so, with nearsightedness, you will not be rectifying your eye problem.

In other times, you cannot guarantee the use of contact lenses because you always have an allergy to the disinfecting solution or even an allergy of the contact lenses. This happens when each time you do cleaning to your contact lenses; the body gives back a negative reaction such as irritation.

This is usually very uncomfortable when you want to wear contact lenses daily. Some health experts also advice people with diabetes to desist from using contact lenses, because, the lenses are predisposed to infections and their bodies may not be able to withstand even slight infections and this may be problematic when trying to cope with it.

Contact lenses are today envied by many and most people including children just want to try out contact lenses in order to improve their look even if they do not experience any eye problems. This is not always a good idea to buy from, even if your child is willing and able to wear the contact lenses because it is fashionable to wear them.

In most cases, adolescence is the best stage they can try using contact lenses, because, the eyes of young children are very tender and sensitive and may not take well to the contacts. Maintain and using contact lenses is also not as easy as thought because, when you wear them the wrong ways, they could cause impairment to your eyes.

To get more lessons on reasons of using or not using contact lenses, you can book an appointment with an optometrist for a contact lens exam and fitting. Designs and selections of contact lenses have evolved over years and most people who use contact lenses today were not be able to use them in the past years.

Therefore, do not be discouraged that you cannot wear contact lenses because most of the eyeglasses frames are being designs to suit today’s fashion and as the days go by, better designs are being adopted. Visit our contact lens site and check for the amazing designs of contact lenses and get to know the finest contact wear of the season. This will just be an awe-inspiring experience
tailor-made just for you, come and experience it all!

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