6 Powerful, Built-In Windows Tools You Might Not Know About

ou can do a lot more on your computer than check your social media, purchase products online, and read emails. When you are using a new version of Windows your computer has tools and utilities to remind you about tasks and ways to protect itself. These tools may be hidden but you don’t have to download any software because the tools are built into windows.

Slow Starting Computers

When your computer takes too long to boot it is frustrating. When you have a lot of programs opening while your computer is booting your startup can be lengthy. You can access these programs by pulling up your Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

Click on the tab that says Startup and you can see all the programs and disable any you don’t need to activate when you turn on your computer. Windows will even tell you the impact disabling each program will have on the speed of your boot.

Data Usage

You can find out how much data you have used in the last month. When your internet plan has limited data and you are using wireless internet this is helpful. You can use Cortana in Windows 10 to search for your Data Usage or choose Network & Internet by first navigating to your System Settings.

Your Computers Virus Protection

When you browse a website that is not safe or have downloaded applications or a third-party program Windows Defender will protect you from adware, malware, and dangerous viruses. If you keep Windows Defender running and are careful during your browsing you will not require additional software to protect yourself from viruses.

A deep scan will find and remove any malicious software that has become embedded in your computer registry. You can use Cortana to search for Windows Defender or choose Update & Security from your System Settings.

Your Task Scheduler

When you have tasks, you do not want to track manually you can use a Windows tool called a task scheduler to place them on a timed schedule. A good example is checking for malware every week. If you keep your computer on, Windows can use the tool to run a scan while you are sleeping. If you add or remove a lot of programs you should use your disk defragmenting tool to clean your hard drive and this can also be accomplished automatically with the task scheduler every month.

Your Memory Diagnostic

This tool can tell you if the memory in your computer is going bad and can be found in your system settings or by using Cortana. You can’t use your computer while the tool is running and checking the health of your RAM but you can have it run after you have turned your computer off.

Your computer will reboot after its done so you can see the results immediately or they are in the Event Viewer. It’s in the pop-up menu in your Start button. Simply choose Windows Logs, then System, then type MemoryDiagnostic in the Find function.


Although Cortana is not hidden many people hardly use the program. Cortana can sync your calendar, email, and devices, and remind you of tasks every day. Any packages out for delivery can be tracked, you can translate languages, and get an aural example of phrases in any foreign language all by using Cortana.

The Windows operating system has a lot of power and hidden tools you may not be aware are there. Instead of immediately looking online for a program check with Cortana. You may be surprised how many tools have already been built in.


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